Company Info
Philosophy of Design

L&S Engineering is strongly committed to providing mechanical and electrical designs that are straight forward, easy to construct and maintain, and that perform at the highest level that the project’s budget will support.

High Performance Designs:
• Meet or exceed the owner’s expectations
• Provide safe and comfortable environments
• Are easy to maintain
• Are long lasting
• Save energy
• Do not waste our world’s resources
• Do not pollute our environment

Mission Statement

L&S Engineering Associates is a team of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals, providing professional mechanical and electrical engineering consulting services.

We are committed to:

• Designing cost effective and technologically appropriate systems
• Providing efficient and economical services
• Understanding the needs and attempting to exceed the expectations of our clients
• Designing safe and comfortable environments

Our purpose is to ensure:

• Mutually beneficial client relationships
• Continued profitability
• Employee development and a friendly work place
• Pride and enjoyment in what we do

We are guided by the values and principles of:

• Honesty
• Integrity
• Mutual Respect
• Ethics