Sustainable Design

Mechanical and electrical building systems have a major impact on our planet. They directly affect personal health, energy consumption, water usage and environmental quality.

L&S Engineering has a strong commitment to designing building systems that perform at a high level while being good stewards of our God given resources. Through a synergistic design process, L&S Engineering works with the entire team to optimize the sustainability and minimize the global impact of our projects.

L&S Engineering enthusiastically supports sustainable design programs such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the Washington State Sustainable School Protocol (WSSP). Several members of our staff are LEED Accredited Professionals.

High Performance (Green) Buildings Include:
• Sn-w’ey’-mn (Business and Social Science) Building, SFCC - LEED™ Gold
• Saranac Hotel Renovation, Spokane, WA - LEED™ Platinum
• US Army M.E.P.S. Facility, Spokane, WA - LEED™ Gold
• Spokane Teachers Credit Union, Liberty Lake Branch, WA - LEED™ Silver
• Spokane Convention Center Commissioning, Spokane, WA - LEED™ Silver
• Shadle Park High School, Spokane, WA (WSSP)
• Sage Point Elementary School, Moses Lake, WA (WSSP)
• Ridgeview Elementary School, Spokane, WA (WSSP)
• Rogers High School, Spokane, WA (WSSP)