Historic Preservation Projects


Historic Spokane County Courthouse, Spokane, Washington

Renovation of historic Spokane County Courthouse first floor plus new addition. This project includes office reconfiguration with a keen attention to maintaining historical integrity. HVAC equipment and systems included eliminating low pressure steam systems for new fan powered VAV with hydronic reheat, ductwork and diffusers, campus digital controls extending to all new terminal units, and minor plumbing work. The electrical service including new lighting; lay in style, direct, and indirect. Power, data, limited receptacle circuit work, data and fire were also included

Historical Fox Theater, Spokane Washington

Modernization of an historic art deco theater in the heart of downtown Spokane. Since the building is listed on the historic register, the classic visual elements of the building had to be preserved. This created a difficult challenge to fit in a new, virtually silent , HVAC system into the limited space provided in the original construction. A collaborative process was used with the entire project team including the owner, the contractors and design professionals to create a design that meets all their expectations and functions at the highest level. The Spokane Symphony purchased this Art Deco theater to renovate and restore in 2001. Seating Capacity is more than 1500. Design includes all new HVAC equipment for Air conditioning. The theater now features a new state of the art sound system, and restoration of the Art Deco features. The facility was commissioning to meet the requirements of the State of Washington’s Energy Code. Mechanical systems consisted of an air cooled chiller, four high efficiency condensing boilers with a common power assisted combustion air and exhaust duct system, six air handlers, multiple fan coils, a snow melt system, a humidification system, carbon dioxide sensors to control the amount of ventilation air required, three ductless split system air conditioners, flat-plate radiant heaters and numerous motor operated relief dampers.