Governmental Projects

L&S Engineering has worked extensively at Fairchild Air Force Base as well as at other military facilities throughout the area. We are familiar with military design and procurement requirements. Recent projects include:

• FAFB Dining Hall Modernization
• Squadron Ops Facility Bldg 1
• KC-135 Squadron Ops Faclility
• Munitions maintenance
• Fire Stations 3 & 1314
• Dorms, Dining Halls
• Academic Training Facilities
• Composite Support Facility
• Fuel Tank Replacements
• Base Engineering Maintenance
• Squadron Ops Facility
• Logistic Support Facility
• Geiger Power Distribution Construction

Local and Federal Governmental Projects

• Franklin County Courthouse Historic Renovation
• Spokane County Courthouse Infrastructure Upgrades
• Spokane Federal Building Entry, Courtrooms, Infrastructure Upgrades
• Spokane County Regional Health District Building
• Broadway Center Courtrooms
• Federal Office Building Emergency generators


Spokane International Airport Concourse C, Architect: Bernardo Wills



Franklin County Courthouse Historic Renovation, 2005, CKJT Architects

Inside the rotunda

Franklin County Courthouuse, the copper dome