L&S Engineering is widely respected for its involvement with schools from its inception over 50 years ago. Well over 156 K-12 projects have been designed over the last 5 years, including 10 “4-A” High Schools. A partial listing of recent projects:


Paschal Sherman Indian School, Omak, Washington

Innovative design is the hallmark of this boarding school on the Colville Indian Reservation: Classrooms, Dormitories, and Transportation building, designed with High Performance School Standrds and LEED energy savingsd standards in mind. The mechanical systems highlighted heat recovery and shared use of components, and commissioning to achieve energy savings. Architect: ALSC Architects, Spokane, Washington


Shadle Park High School, Spokane, Washington

Multiple phased construction was necessary to have the school remain open while the renovations take place. The existing school consists of the main 3-story classroom building, built in 1957, and a gym addition that was added in 1992. The renovation includes a new Main Events Gym, new library and seven additional classrooms. All other areas are existing building areas that will be remodeled. The existing area to be remodeled is approximately 221,350 sf. The new building area is approximately 55,650 sf. The system is a 4-Pipe Fan Coil system with Hydronic heating from locally installed medium efficiency (85%) boilers, cooling from a locally installed, high efficiency, air-cooled chiller incorporating 100% outside air economizers for all areas and variable speed pumping for heating and cooling water. All systems in the building include the recommended temperature controls and Energy Management System consisting of fully electronic, Direct Digital Controls (DDC). This project is certified under the Washington Sustainable School Protocol (WSSP).



Sage Point Elementary School, Moses Lake, Washington

New 46,660 square foot Moses Lake Elementary School includes 20 mainstream classrooms, one DLC self-contained suite for special education, a music room which will double as a stage, a sizable gymnasium sufficient for community use, a Library, a multi-purpose/cafeteria, and various support facilities. The system is a 4-pipe fan-coil system with hydronic heating from boilers, cooling from a locally installed, air-cooled chiller, and variable flow pumping.


Higher Education:

Spokane Falls Community College, Sn-w’ey’-mn Business and Social Sciences–LEED™ Gold

This project was awarded Gold Certification under the United States Green Building Counsel’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) rating system. New three story 70,000 SF masonry and steel structure designed with energy efficient features that contributed to the project achieving LEED Silver Standard. This space includes twenty six classrooms, fifty nine offices, a lecture auditorium, seminar rooms, conference rooms and several study areas. Fan powered and non-fan powered Variable Air Volume (VAV) terminal units served by a central air handler. Perimeter offices and study spaces have radiant heat panels for heat and VAV terminal units for cooling and ventilation. Classrooms have fan powered terminal units with hydronic reheat. The central lobby has radiant in-floor heat as the first stage of heat, an air handler provides ventilation and cooling. Heating hot water is provided by two 85% efficient gas fired boilers. An air cooled screw chiller provides chilled water to both air handling units. All systems in the building include the recommended temperature controls and Energy Management System consisting of a fully open protocol LON system. This Direct Digital Control (DDC) system fully integrates with the Community Colleges of Spokane’s standard system and provides the most advanced means of comfort control, energy usage control, and building management.