Commercial and Retail

Office and Commercial Spaces

With changing technology and staffing needs, today’s office must be designed to be flexible and accommodate change quickly and at minimal cost. Lighting systems must be capable of providing multiple levels of illumination with minimal glare. Lighting controls should promote “Daylight Harvesting” where possible.

Saranac Building Renovation –LEED™ Platinum Spokane, Washington

High profile renovation of a historic4 story hotel into offices and retail space. This project has earned LEED Platinum Certification, and has been the focus many articles. Through a detailed collaborative design process and energy modeling the building was optimized to achieve 70% savings over what would be required by ASHRAE 90.1 or Washington State Energy Code. Heating and Cooling is augmented with ground loop water. Heating and cooling is harvested from transfer of heat to and from the ground using heat pumps. Open loop piping penetrates 320 feet below the surface. Wells are drilled thru basalt rock which makes for good heat transfer. The geothermal heat pump system alone will save about 1/3rd of the total energy bill for the building as compared to a similar building with boilers for heating and chillers for cooling.

Ongoing measurement and verification of energy savings will take place for years to come. One important outcome of this project: the owner and engineer collaborated to convince the Department of Ecology to approve open loop heat pump systems in Eastern Washington

Safeway Grocery Stores
• Throughout Inland Northwest (55)

Rosauers Grocery Stores
• Throughout Inland Northwest (16)

Many other retail stores, mall shops, and quick stops.

Food Service

Lighting, plumbing, ventilation, heating, cooling and power systems for food service facilities provide a unique challenge to the design professional. L&S Engineering is knowledgeable in the health and fire safety requirements necessary for protecting the public as well as the food service workers.

L&S Engineering has designed numerous restaurants and commercial kitchens throughout the area including the following recent projects:

• Churchills' Restaurant and Restaurant Re-Construction
• Dutch Bros. Coffee
• Hales Restaurant
• Pizza Rita
• Pizza Schmizza
• Sangria Grille Riverstone Village
• Taco John's
• Thai Bamboo Restaurant

Hospitality and Lodging

• Holiday Inn, Moses Lake
• Holiday Inn, Yakima
• Coeur d’Alene Casino Expansion and Motel
• Bavarian Lodge, Leavenworth